PayForce POS Charges 2024: Latest Rates

PayForce POS Charges 2023: Latest Rates

PayForce POS

Payforce POS Machine

Payforce is a Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)-approved POS in Nigeria and licenced to provide banking services and solutions that help companies and individuals manage operations. It is one of the best and most effective agency banking platforms out there.

 The deposit rate for Payforce is capped at ₦25 regardless of the amount, while for withdrawals, the highest charge applied for amounts greater than ₦100,000 is 0.11%. In this article, we will walk you through all that you need to know. 

About Payforce POS Machines and Charges

One fantastic mobile agency solution that makes payments simple wherever you are is Payforce. By joining the Payforce team as an agent, you can easily conduct transactions with the advantage of appealing fees while also doubling your revenue. With the use of this system, you may pay for a variety of services, including cable TV, PHCN bill payments, mobile phone subscriptions, financial transfers, and so much more.

Another effective mobile agency platform that enables payments from everywhere is Payforce. Several African nations can also get their offerings. Are you considering opening a POS company and wondering if Payforce POS is the best option for you? You should be able to decide whether Payforce is a better choice than most other mobile money providers after reading this post.

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The following are Payforce charges on transactions:

Payforce POS Withdrawal Charges

Service TypeAmountCharges


Payforce POS Deposit Charges

Service TypeAmountCharges
DepositsAny amount₦25

Quick Comparison Table: Top POS Machine Charges

Opay<N20,000 (0.5%)
<₦10,000 (N30)
<₦5,000 (N10)
>₦20,000 (N100 flat rate)₦5,000–N10,000 (₦20 Capped)
Moniepoint₦1 – 20,000 (0.5%)All transfers (₦20)
All deposits is ₦20
>₦20,000 (₦100 flat rate)
Palmpay0.5% on all withdrawals₦10 charged for all deposits

₦1 – ₦5,000 (₦30)
₦5,001 – ₦16,500 (0.6%)
All deposits capped at ₦25
₦16,501 – ₦100,000 (N110)
>₦100,001 (0.11%)


According to the evaluation in this article, the Payforce POS device is among the top POS devices in Nigeria and will meet your company’s demands. One of the most affordable POS fees in Nigeria is charged by Payforce. Payforce POS is also renowned for its secure service and performance. Purchasing Payforce POS equipment from the firm is completely free. However, before you can receive the Device, you must request it. The two most well-known Payforce locations in Nigeria are Abuja and Lagos. Payforce maintains offices there.

FAQs on Payforce POS Machines and Charges

How do I become a Payforce agent?

To become a Payforce agent, all that is required of you is to download their mobile app from the Google Play Store, sign up by filling in all necessary details, and upload the needed documents. Following submission, you wait for further instructions from a customer care representative.

How do I request Payforce POS?

  • The Payforce App Beta version may be downloaded and installed from the Play Store.
  • By providing all the required information, you can create and update your account.
  • Open the Payforce App and log in.
  • Select Settings.
  • Then choose Request POS terminal.
  • Complete the provided Google form, then submit it.

Where can I find a Payforce office in Nigeria?

The Payforce POS walk-in office is located at Plot 265 on S.E. Asabe Street in Mabushi, Abuja, Nigeria. Payforce has a customer service phone number of 09083841742 and an email address of

How much does Payforce POS charge per transaction? 

Payforce provides one of Nigeria’s most reasonable POS costs. No matter how much a deposit is, ₦25 is charged. For withdrawals between ₦0 and ₦5,000, ₦30, for withdrawals between ₦5,001 and ₦16,500, 0.6 percent, For withdrawals between ₦16,501 and ₦100,000, there is a fixed cost of ₦110, and for withdrawals beyond ₦100,000, there is a charge of 0.11 percent.

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