Nomba POS Charges Best Rates in 2023

Nomba POS Charges 2023 — Latest Rates

Nomba POS is a business organization that operates all over Africa. It has gained its credibility over time because it enables customers and agents alike to easily make stress-free transactions through technology.

This business allows for sending and receiving money, paying bills, and making other transactions easily through its Point of Sale(POS) terminal machines. Are you looking to find out more about  Nomba POS charges? You are on the right page! Journey with me as I show you.

About Nomba POS Machine & Charges

Nomba POS is also referred to as Kudi POS. It is one of the widely known fintech businesses and was introduced in Nigeria to provide a reliable and easy means of making financial transactions.

The interesting thing about Nomba POS is that you can get the machine for free if you are interested. All you have to do is to download and install the Nomba App on the Google Play Store or Apple Store and launch it. After that signup and link your bank account to it and begin to use the App to make transactions such as paying bills, buying airtime, or TV subscription.

After about two weeks, you will be invited to receive a free Nomba POS machine. Note that though it is free, you will be required to pay a cautionary fee of N20,000 naira which is nonrefundable except you return the machine to the company.

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You can also get a Nomba POS machine by paying the cautionary fee of N20,000. The essence is to ensure that you use and handle the machine with caution. It is important to note that this does not mean you own or have purchased the machine and it can be retrieved from you in deserving cases.

You can obtain the Nomba POS this way by simply contacting Nomba customer care or visiting the closest office to you, filling out the registration form, and after paying the cautionary fee of N20,000 naira, your application will be reviewed and the machine delivered to you.

For you to get the Nomba POS you need to provide a valid ID card, BVN number, passport, and any utility bill.

Nomba POS Withdrawal Charges

Generally, Nomba POS charges 25 naira for transactions below 4500 naira, 0.6% of every withdrawal transaction between 4,500 and 25,000, and charges 150 naira for transactions above 25,000 naira. 

This means that irrespective of the amount you want to withdraw, once it’s not more than N4500 naira, you will be charged as low as 25 naira,  0.6% if it is between 4500 and 25,000 naira and if you are making withdrawals of any amount of above  N25,000 naira, you will be charged a flat rate of N150 naira.

However, Nomba POS terminal agents are free to set their own prices for withdrawal transactions. What this means is that the charges stated above are what Nomba Company charges per transaction.

Nomba POS Transaction Charges

For other transactions like purchasing airtime and data bundles, Nomba charges 2% irrespective of the network provider (MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, and GLO).

Also, Nomba charges 2% for all kinds of subscriptions or utility bill payments ranging from DStv, Gotv, Startime or PHCN, etc.

Nomba POS Deposit Charges

From my research, Nomba POS charges the sum of N20 naira for all deposit transactions.  

Quick Comparison Table: Top  POS Machine Charges

Withdrawal DepositTransferSubscriptions
Opay0.5%N10 nairaN10 Naira2%
Palmpay0.5%N10 nairaN10 naira2%
Moniepoint0.5%N20 nairaN20 naira2%


Nomba POS is a reliable fintech company interested in making financial transactions easy, fast and reliable. It provides free Terminal Machines, however, you will be required to pay a security or cautionary fee of N20,000 naira to ensure that you meet up to the company’s expectations and handle the Machine with care.

FAQs on Nomba POS Machine & Charges

How much is Nomba POS price?

Normally, Nomba POS is free of charge. However, you may be asked to pay a security fee of N20,000 naira to ensure that you use and manage the POS machine properly.

What requirements do I need to get Nomba POS terminal machine?

In order to get the Nomba POS terminal machine you will be required to provide certain documents. These documents are a valid ID Card, BVN Number, Passport, and any utility bill of your choice.

Is Nomba POS licensed by the CBN?

Yes. Nomba POS is registered with the Central Bank of Nigeria.

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