Baxi POS Charges and Prices in Nigeria

Baxi POS Charges and Prices in Nigeria

Baxi is a digital platform that uses different digital channels enabling the provision of payment solutions to Nigerians through in-store locations (POS), mobile, online wallets, and B2B channels. In this guide, we’ll be talking about BAXI POS and everything that you need to know about this Mobile Money service in Nigeria.

Baxi or Baxi Box has tremendously grown in the agency banking POS (Point-Of-Sales) environment in Nigeria. It was formerly owned by Capricorn Digital Limited(CDL), but in 2019, it was acquired by MFS Africa, to enable Baxi to scale up operations across the country.

Agents can offer digital payment services in their respective neighbourhoods with Baxi POS and make money through commissions.

Baxi POS Price in Nigeria

Guess you are wondering how much the Baxi POS in Nigeria is sold for. Well, it depends on the type of Baxi POS you are getting.

The Baxi Android POS goes 30,000 Naira while the price for the Baxi MPOS is N10,000. 

Though both prices are cautionary fees for getting the Baxi POS. The payment of this cautionary does not imply you own the POS you receive from Baxi. Whenever you return the Baxi POS in a good state (working condition) you can get your money back.

Baxi POS Charges

  • MTN Data Bundle Recharge – 1.60%
  • Airtel Data Bundle Recharge – 1.76%
  • Glo Data Bundle Recharge – 2.80%
  • Glo Prepaid Recharge – 2.80%
  • 9Mobile Data Bundle Recharge – 2.80%
  • Cash Transactions (0-20,000) – 0.55%
  • Cash Transactions (20,001-100,000) – N100 flat
  • Cash Deposit – N30 flat
  • IIKEDC Token Vending – 1.20%
  • IKEDC Bill Payment – 1.20%
  • EKEDC Prepaid – 0.8%
  • EKEDC Postpaid – 2.00%
  • AEDC Prepaid – 0.96%
  • AEDC Postpaid – 0.96%
  • Gotv (Regular Agent) – 1.40%
  • Gotv (SabiMen Agent) – 1.20%
  • Dstv (Regular Agent) -1.40%
  • Dstv (Sabimen Agent) -1.20%
  • Golden Chance Lotto (5/90) – 20%

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Charges of the Baxi Box POS for withdrawal

N1000 – N19000 = 0.55%

N20,000 – N1,000,000 Naira = N100 flat

Transfers = N30 flat

How to Get Baxi POS Machine and Become an Agent

Visit the Google play store or Apple Store to download the Baxi mobile App or purchase the Baxi POS. Follow the below steps to do this:

Step 1: Sign Up with an Agent

Purchase of the Device Online or Offline via a Sales Rep

Step 2: Registration and Documentation

  • A completed Agent application form and agreement Via POS
  • A copy of ID (Driver’s license, National ID card, Int’l passport) for self and guarantor.
  • Proof of Address For self and guarantor.

Step 3: Setup and activation

  • Agent data creation
  • Agent location verification
  • Agent backend activation 
  • How to fund my Baxi wallet

Step 4: Training and Branding

Agents get trained and receive a starter pack. The location gets branded while the Agent commences full operation and starts earning money.

Baxi POS Device Features 

Traditionally, POS is known for withdrawal and fund transfer but with Baxi, there are other super cool features which I will list below

  • Multiple fund transfer portal: The Baxi Box unlike other POS machines has integrated 3 working Bank transfer portals in their Baxi app and pos. These banks are Zenith Bank, Rubies Bank, and GT Bank. So when it comes to fund transfers for your customers you can choose any of the three and they charge 30N for fund transfers and 0.55% on any withdrawal transaction. 
  • Payment of Utility Bills: Tired of walk-in payments? Baxi Box is a sure plug when it comes to payment of utility bills (Electricity bill, Cable subscription, Recharge card). The Baxi Box platform is very reliable and you also get a commission for any utility bill payment.
  • Checking of account balance: Agents can now check their account balance via their ATM cards with the new Baxi pos 2.0.
  • Vending of Recharge Card: Vending/printing out of recharge card pins is made easy with the use of your POS and Baxi app while for every card sold, you can earn a commission.

Reliability of the Baxi Box Network

Just like all POS network services, the Baxi Box POS is not without network problems though minimal, moreso, even banks’ ATMs do have challenges with their networks sometimes. Nevertheless, I can rate the Baxi POS network 90% when it comes to network availability and stability for withdrawal transactions and 95% for fund transfers. Awesome! Again, Baxi customer service is always on deck ready to solve any problem.

How do I fund my Baxi wallet?

Funding for your Baxi wallet can be done using any bank in Nigeria. There are multiple ways with which you can fund your Baxi Box, they are;

  • Mobile USSD Code
  • Web Banking 
  • Mobile Banking
  • Bank Branch Funding

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Mobile Banking USSD Code

Using the USSD code is, for now, limited to GT Bank and Zenith Bank respectively. These banks pay directly into your Baxi Box wallet. The other banks require banking hall payment. i.e., you will have to visit your bank branch to fund your wallet.

Zenith Bank USSD Code

To fund your Baxi Box Wallet using the Zenith Bank USSD Code, dial *966*6*2277# on your registered sim that is linked to your Zenith Bank account. Once you enter your Reference ID, a token will be sent to your phone from Zenith Bank Proceed and enter this token code and your account will be credited after two to three minutes.

Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB)

Two ways are provided and available to fund your Baxi wallet using GT Bank. The first step is done using the GT Bank USSD code while the second step is performed through the use of the GTBank Mobile Application.


GTBank provides the easiest ways to fund your wallet through the GTBank USSD Code. Dial (737*50*Amount*37#) using your registered sim card with your GTBank account. Using the provided reference ID when you registered for Baxi Box enter your reference ID in the screen that follows. The money goes to the Capricorn (Baxi Box owner) account and you get the money credited to your Baxi Wallet within the space of 30 seconds. 

Finally, by default, the name of the bearer of that account ID will pop up on your screen after inputting your reference ID for you to confirm that you are paying to the rightful account. Enter your ATM card PIN also known as a token.

Mobile Banking Application Funding

The mobile banking app is the safest of all funding methods. Though there are a lot of GTbank Applications on the Google Play store, the only one you need is GTWorld. Download the app, log in, and follow the below instructions;

  • Click on Payment
  • Click on Other Payment
  • Select Infotech and Other Services
  • Select Capricorn Digital Limited
  • Select Capricorn Agent Deposit
  • Enter your account ID or username
  • Finally, you will be taken to the next stage where you confirm your name and enter your PIN for payment.

Bank Branch Funding

Using any bank in Nigeria you can fund your Baxi Wallet. Owning your own account with the bank is not mandatory. All that you need is your account ID, your money, and the terms the bank uses for Capricorn company.

Web Funding (Web Pay)

  • Log on to your internet banking 
  • Click on payments and collection
  • Click on NIBSS e-bills payments
  • Click on the new request
  • Answer your secret question and click on continue
  • Click on the conglomerate
  • Click on Capricorn Digital Limited
  • Enter your details and click on continue
  • Confirm your transaction 
  • Enter your token
  • Click on submit
  • A receipt will be generated.

How do I check the account balance for a customer on Baxi POS

To check the account balance for a customer using the Baxi platform, thanks to the recent update, agents can now do so using the steps listed below:

  • Click on the check card balance 
  • Insert the debit card
  • Insert customer pin
  • Click send

Pros of Funding

The minimum amount to fund your Baxi Box is 500 Naira. The transaction takes a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 3 minutes before it will be reflected in your Baxi Wallet.

Cons of Funding

A fee of 50 Naira on any deposits you make to your Baxi Wallet will be charged. Sometimes when the network is down the error message you will get may be the maximum amount for the day exceeded or an error processing transaction and this may take 2 hours. Depositing a lot of funds in your wallet is advisable in order to avoid the 50 Naira charges per deposit.

Baxi POS Customer service 

The operations of the Baxi customer service is six (6) days a week from 8 am to 5:30 pm ready to resolve any issue by their agents. Being an agent you may contact them through calls, WhatApps, or other social media handles.  


Baxi POS is one of the leading providers of this service in Nigeria, with competitive pricing and user-friendly technology. If you want to run a POS business or use the machine for your store, Baxi offers fair charges to help you run your business smoothly.

I personally believe that the fees charged by Baxi POS are well worth the convenience they offer. As a small business owner myself, I rely heavily on POS transactions to serve my customers efficiently and effectively. 

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