Showmax Packages, Subscriptions, App, & Price in Nigeria

Showmax Review: Subscription, Price, Movies, Series in Nigeria

Whether you’re a fan of Wura, AGU, or you just want to watch live Premier League on your phone or smart TV, ShowMax got you covered. The new ShowMax is even better and comes with lots of movies and shows for you and your family. Both local and foreign movies are available for streaming on the new ShowMax packages.

The good news is, whatever show you like, ShowMax’s plans are very affordable, and for the quality of movies there – I dare say, it’s worth it. For movie lovers, you can subscribe to the new ShowMax Entertainment pack while football lovers can sign up for the Premier League package. But if you want a mix of both, ShowMax’s Entertainment + Premier League package is there for you.

For DStv customers, it is even easier to enjoy ShowMax with an internet-connected DStv Streama and DSTV Explora Ultra decoder. For DStv Premium subscribers, you only need to activate ShowMax on your DStv account while customers on lower subscription packages get a 50% discount on their ShowMax subscription plans.

Quick Summary

1. Sign up to ShowMax on
2. Create a password
3. Subscribed to a payment option of your choice

What can I get on ShowMax?

ShowMax provides you with a diverse set of eye-catching video content ranging from

  • Live sports (All 380 Premier League matches)
  • Reality shows
  • News
  • Music
  • Documentaries
  • Movies
  • Kid’s shows
  • ShowMax Originals

and much more. You will get access to eye-catching content that will keep you glued to your seat is not limited to your locality but includes blockbusters and popular shows (movies and series) in different locations. New shows are uploaded weekly making sure you don’t have to stream old or already streamed videos.  

You can watch, stream, and download HD-quality video content on the go with your phone, tablet, and computer from anywhere in the world as long as you are subscribed and have an internet connection. If you prefer to watch ShowMax from home, smart TVs, media players, and gaming consoles are also enabled.

Unlike Netflix, ShowMax provides a 14-day free trial for non-subscribers. However, you will have to endure disturbing ads during playback and a limited number of available streaming content.

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Movies and Shows 

ShowMax presents you with an enthralling variety of shows to choose from, from blockbuster movies and series, popular shows, kid’s shows, documentaries, sports, and ShowMax Originals that will keep you glued to your seat.

You are guaranteed the latest eye-catching shows and movies across different genres which includes comedy, crime & mystery, thriller, horror, music, dance, and romance in English and any other language you might prefer.

For the year 2023, you can look out for the following ShowMax shows and Originals

  • Flawsome: They’re flawed, real, and awesome
  • BigBrother Titans
  • Tiktok, Boom
  • Wura 
  • Agu
  • Real Housewives of Lagos
  • Slum King
  • Crime and Justice Lagos: Not for the faint-hearted

Recommended Series

  • House of Dragon
  • Power Book III: Raising Kanan
  • Blind Spotting S1

Like Netflix, ShowMax takes some time for recently released movies and series to be uploaded on its platform. Anyways, you shouldn’t be worried as videos are uploaded weekly.

Live Football

ShowMax offers you live sports action across athletics, professional boxing, and the world’s biggest marathons, unlike other streaming platforms like Netflix. For football lovers, the English Premier League, Seria A, La Liga, and the DSTV Premiership games can be streamed live on the go with no extra cost after subscribing to ShowMax Pro.

ShowMax Subscription (How to Sign Up and Subscribe to

  1. Go to the Showmax website and click on “Get started”.

2. Choose your plan.

3. Customize your plan.

4. Create your account.

5. Enter your payment method.

6. Verify email address.

7. Start watching.

ShowMax Pricing & Prices

ShowMax offers 4 pricing plans between the range of N1200-N3200 and a 14-day free trial that only requires your card details to access. A maximum of 5 devices which include mobile devices can be registered to stream thousands of movies and series.  

ShowMax Packages

ShowMax offers 3 new pricing packages

  • ShowMax Entertainment: Offers access to thousands of movies and series with the ability to register 5 mobile devices with only 2 streams simultaneously.  
  • ShowMax Premier League: Allows you to stream all 380 matches of the English Premier League. Plus highlights, interviews, and magazine shows.
  • ShowMax Entertainment + Premier League: Stream all ShowMax movies and series and watch all live Premier League matches on the go.

PlansPrice (N)
ShowMax Entertainment (Mobile bundle)1200
ShowMax Premier League (Mobile bundle)2900
Entertainment + Premier League (Mobile bundle)3200

ShowMax Free

ShowMax offers a 14-day free trial on all of its plans except its Pro plan. Only your debit or credit details are required to enjoy free content. To register

  • Go to
  • Sign up with your email address and create a password
  • Choose your payment method and enjoy movies and series for 14 days free!

ShowMax immediately charges you if your free trial expires. If you did not enjoy the experience, you can cancel the free trial with no questions asked.  

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How To Add ShowMax To Your DStv

You can watch ShowMax on DStv if you have an internet-connected DStv Explora decoder. DStv subscribers who are subscribed to DStv Premium can watch ShowMax with no extra cost while users who are on the lower DStv subscription packages can access ShowMax at a 50% discount except for EasyView customers.

To add ShowMax 50% off a subscription to your DStv Compact, Family, Access, and Compact Plus follow the following steps 

  • Log in to your DStv account at 
  • On your account dashboard, locate ShowMax 50% off
  • Click on “Activate”
  • You will be redirected to the Eazy Self-Service payment portal
  • Click on “Once Off Payment” from the available payment options
  • Enter your bank details and click on “Save and Pay”
  • Click “Activate” upon successful payment to enjoy ShowMax 

DStv Premium customers can simply log in to their DStv account on, locate ShowMax on their account dashboard, click on “Activate”, create a ShowMax if you do not have one, and enjoy ShowMax. For EasyView customers you have the option to add a ShowMax subscription to your bill and pay the Standard ShowMax price.

If you are already a ShowMax subscriber, simply login to your ShowMax website, click on “Account”, then click on “Manage Subscription”, then finally click on “Add to DStv”.

ShowMax App and User Experience

ShowMax offers an easy-to-use yet intuitive app with a great user interface. The home page of the app offers you sections of “Trending”, “Recommended for you” and “First on ShowMax” which makes it easier to access the vast catalog of movies and series on the streaming platform.

With a few bugs of subtitles not displaying for some videos, especially on android smartphones, a few instances of poor video quality when streaming on the basic package, and a few subscription bugs, ShowMax compensates for this with its thousands of movies and series uploaded on a weekly basis plus its very affordable price.

Enjoying Streaming On The Get-Go 

ShowMax offers a variety of video content ranging from documentaries, kid’s shows, movies, and series for users from the get-go. With an internet connection and a smartphone, users are guaranteed premium content with no ads disturbance and at a very affordable rate. 

For DStv customers, enjoying ShowMax doesn’t come easier as you only have to activate it on your DStv account if you’re a DStv premium subscriber, while customers on lower packages can enjoy a 50% discount on their ShowMax subscriptions. 

Thinking about watching ShowMax offline, ShowMax has you covered with its easy-to-use yet intuitive mobile app where you can download shows when connected to Wifi and watch later when convenient. 

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FAQs About ShowMax Packages, Subscriptions, App, & Price in Nigeria

How Much Is ShowMax Per Month?

ShowMax offers 3 pricing plan options with ShowMax Mobile going for as low as N1200/month and ShowMax All Devices going for N6300/month

What Channel Is ShowMax On DSTV?

ShowMax is not a channel on DStv but a streaming platform. So, while it doesn’t have a number on DSTV, you can still watch watch it on your DStv, by adding your ShowMax subscription to your DStv account on the ShowMax website.

How Much Is ShowMax Subscription In Nigeria?

ShowMax subscription price in Nigeria ranges between N1200-N6300/month. 

How To Cancel ShowMax Subscription?

To cancel your ShowMax subscription, simply login to your ShowMax account on the ShowMax website, click on “My Account” on the menu bar area, select “Manage Subscription” and then click on “Cancel Subscription”. 

How To Sign Up On ShowMax?

To sign up on ShowMax, visit, sign up with your email, create a password, and choose your preferred payment option. 

How Many Users Can Use A ShowMax Account?

ShowMax allows a maximum of 5 devices registered on each account. However, it only allows a maximum of 2 simultaneous streaming.

How Many Profiles Can I Add To My ShowMax Account?

You can have a maximum of 6 profiles associated with your ShowMax account. Each profile is associated with each user ensuring you get suitable content and relevant video content. 

Does ShowMax show Premier League?

Yes. ShowMax now shows all 380 live matches of the English Premier League. With as low as N2,900 per month you can subscribe to the ShowMax Premier League package and stream all matches right on your phone or smart TV.

Is ShowMax free?

Yes, for a short period. You can stream shows, movies, and premier league on ShowMax by taking advantage of the 14-day free trial. All you need to do is sign up for ShowMax, link your card, and enjoy free for 14 days. Don’t forget to unlink your card before the trial ends, otherwise, you’ll be charged.

Can I watch ShowMax on DSTV without Internet?

No. You require an internet connection to watch ShowMax, even if you have it installed on your DSTV Explora decoder.

What number is ShowMax on DSTV in Nigeria?

ShowMax doesn’t have a number on DSTV as it is a streaming app just like Netflix. However, if you have a DSTV Explora decoder or smart TV, you can watch it on your TV and enjoy all your favorite shows.

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