Best Internet Bundles in Nigeria: How to Get the Best Deals

Best Internet Bundles in Nigeria: How to Get the Best Deals

In this fast-paced world, you need an internet connection that is not only active but fast and offers you value for money. Many activities that allow you to go through your day with ease require a reliable internet connection. This article seeks to provide you with the best internet bundles that will help optimize your day.

Telecommunication companies like MTN provide quality internet bundles that will help you ease into your day. With MTNs internet bundle packages that provide a plethora of options for you to select from, for as low as #50 you can purchase a daily plan that allows you access to the internet within a set period of time.

You can purchase the best internet bundles on apps such as Swiftbills and ClubKonnect. As a registered user of these apps, you get up to a 3.5% discount on every data purchase you make plus other added benefits in services these apps offer. 

Quick Guide: To Purchase Internet Bundle In Nigeria

1. Visit
2. Navigate the homepage and find the internet bundle section
3. Click on your preferred network
4. Select the internet bundle package of your choice
5. Choose and subscribe to your preferred data plan

MTN Internet Bundle Plans

MTN provides its customers with affordable internet bundle plans. With the largest reach in Nigeria, MTN does not disappoint with its internet bundle packages which are the 

Internet BundlePackagesDurationPrice (Minimum)USSD CodeData
Daily Plans1 dayN50*131*1*1#40MB
2-Day Plans2 daysN500*131*1*1#2GB
3-Day Plans3 daysN200*131*1*1#200MB
Weekly Plans7 daysN300*131*1*2#350MB + 350MB for YouTube
Monthly Plans30 daysN1000*131*1*3#1.5GB + 2GB for YouTube
2-Month Plans60 daysN8000*131*1*4#30GB
3-Month Plans90 daysN50000*131*1*4#400GB
6-Month Plans180 daysN90000Send “115” to 131800GB
Yearly Plans360 daysN100000Send “135”, “136”, or “137” to 1311TB

With easy-to-understand terms and conditions, these data plans can be accessed from your mobile and MiFi devices.

Airtel Internet Bundle Plans

Airtel offers special data plans that deliver a superfast internet experience for you. Its internet bundle plans include

Internet Bundle PackagesDuration Price (Minimum)USSD CodeData
Daily/Weekly Plans1-7daysN50*141*50#50MB
Monthly Plans30 daysN1000*141*1000#1.5GB
Mega Plans30-90-120-365 daysN5000*141*5000#20GB + 4GB for YouTube
Everyday-on Plans30 daysN3000*141*3002#500MB/per day
Streaming Plans3-30 daysN500*141*106#500MB
Binge Data Plans1-7 daysN300*141*354#1GB
Airtel Data+7-30 daysN300*154*2#300MB 
Social Plans1-30 daysN50*948*4#25MB
Router Plans30-90-120-365 daysN5000*370#15GB
Top Up Plans (Postpaid)30 daysN500*141*11*9#1GB
Pay As You Use OptionPer secondN3/MB*400#1MB

 These plans are accessible to new and existing Airtel customers with easy-to-understand terms and conditions for certain plans like the Streaming and Social plans.

Glo Internet Bundle Plans

Glo which prides itself on being the “Grandmasters Of Data” offers a superfast 4G+ internet bundle for both light and heavy users. Its internet bundle plans include

Internet Bundle PackagesDurationPrice (Minimum)USSD CodeData
Daily Plans1 dayN50*777#50MB
Weekly Data Plans2-14 daysN200*777#350MB
Monthly Data Plans30 daysN1000*777#3.9GB
Mega Data Plans30-90-120-365 daysN30000*777#225GB
Special Data1-2 daysN300*777#1GB
WTF Bundle (Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook)1-30 daysN25*777#100MB
Social Bundles1-30 daysN25*777#20MB
YouTube Bundles1-30 daysN50*777#100MB
Campus Booster Plans1-30 daysN100*777#265MB

These plans are available to new and existing Glo customers and if renewed before expiration, Glo gives you extra data volume upon subscription. 

9Mobile (Etisalat) Internet Bundle Plans

9Mobile provides high-quality and superfast internet bundle plans. Although quite priced as compared to other networks you are guaranteed premium internet service. Its internet bundle plans are

Internet Bundle PackagesDurationPrice (Minimum)USSD CodeData
Daily/Weekly Plans1 dayN50*229*3*8#50MB
Social Plans1 dayN100*229*3*1#100MB
Monthly Plans30 daysN500*229*2#
2-month/Quarterly Plans60-90 daysN25000*229*5*1#75GB
Bi-annual/Annual plans180-365 daysN50000*229*5*2#165GB
Night/Weekend Plans1 dayN200*229*3*1#1GB

These plans are available to new and existing customers of 9Mobile. If you don’t plan on renewing the plan upon expiration you can cancel auto-renewal before the due date.

The Best Apps to Buy Internet Bundles in Nigeria

1. Swiftbills:

Swiftbillls guarantees you easy and fast access to purchase internet bundles with substantial discounts. To purchase an internet bundle on Swiftbills, visit their homepage and create an account, navigate the homepage and click on ‘Buy Data’, fill in the necessary details (mobile network, phone number, and amount), and click on ‘purchase’.

Registered members of Swiftbills get discounts on every purchase and for recurrent customers, the discount rates increase.

Swiftbills does not stop with the easy purchase of internet bundles, it offers other financial services which you would get on your mobile banking apps.  

2. ClubKonnect

ClubKonnect allows you to buy internet bundles hassle-free. To buy an internet bundle on ClubKonnect, visit their homepage and create an account, navigate to ‘Buy Data Bundle’, fill in the required details (mobile network, data bundle plan, and mobile number), and finally, click on ‘Buy Now’.

For registered members of ClubKonnect, you get a 3.5% discount on every data purchase you make, reducing the cost you spend on data.

Asides from offering easy internet bundle purchases, ClubKonnect offers other financial services such as transferring money, converting airtime to cash, purchasing airtime, and depositing money.

Code to Check Internet Bundle Balance on MTN, GLO, Airtel, and 9Mobile

  • Code To Check Internet Bundle Balance on MTN: *131*4#
  • Code To Check Internet Bundle Balance on GLO: *127*0#
  • Code To Check Internet Bundle Balance on Airtel: *121*5#
  • Code To Check Internet Bundle Balance on 9Mobile: *228#

FAQs: Internet Bundle plans in Nigeria

How do I buy MTN Internet bundle?

To purchase an MTN internet bundle, dial *131*1# on your mobile device, from the menu shown, select the bundle type of your choice, and subscribe to your desired data plan.

How do I subscribe to Glo Internet bundle?

To purchase a Glo Internet bundle, dial *777# on your mobile device, press 1 to subscribe to data, select the data plan of your choice, and subscribe.

Get The Best Internet Bundle Deals

With the best internet bundle deals in this article, you can easily purchase or subscribe to an internet bundle. You can now settle your bills, and stream music, and video content with the superfast and reliable internet connection provided by the telecommunication service provider of your choice. 

To purchase an internet bundle from any of the telecommunication service providers, visit their website or use their app (if available) and subscribe to your preferred internet bundle. Alternatively, you can use the USSD code peculiar to your preferred telecommunication service provider, follow the prompt and activate the internet bundle of your choice.

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