How to Apply for FastCoin Loan In Nigeria (Full App Review)

Today, like never before, financial institutions have gradually shifted planes from the physical to virtual, providing all manner of services, including giving credit to customers. Literally, almost every financial institution operates electronically today, not to mention the influx of new financial platforms springing up here and there daily. 

Sadly, in today’s economy, taking loans has almost become a necessity. Hence, many people are daily on traffic to loan platforms.  Well, ever heard of FastCoin loan app and wondered what exactly it is? Whether or not it exists? Join me, as I walk you through!

Is Fast Coin Loan App Fake or Real?

Fast Coin is an integrated system that helps individuals access mobile loans. It allows one to receive as much credit as possible within the individual’s limit. Its goal is to provide an easy and flexible mobile loan experience.

However, despite the services it provides, it is surrounded by questions as to whether or not it is fake. Is it?

Some of the reasons such questions have arisen are;

  • It is very difficult to find credible information on Fastcoin.
  • Its removal from the Google Play Store is considered a serious red flag.
  • Constant negative reviews of the app and services.
  • Unresponsive support team.
  • Worse, it is not listed as a legitimate lender by the Central Bank of Nigeria or FCCPC.

Should all these call for a warning? Well, yes. However, does this mean that it’s fake? That’s a question I’ll leave to your discretion. You are advised to thoroughly do your research before opting for it.

Fastcoin Loan App Eligibility Requirements

To access credit or loan on Fastcoin, the following are required;

  • You must be between the ages of 18-60 years.
  • You must have a valid phone number.
  • You must have a bank account, with any verified bank.

The above is necessary to register and operate the Fastcoin loan app and access loans.

Fastcoin Loan App Application Process

Are you interested in registering on the Fastcoin loan app? Here is the step-by-step process of doing just that;

  • Download the Fastcoin loan app
  • You will be required to fill in your bank details for registration.
  • You will receive a confirmation code. After you’ve been verified, apply to receive a credit limit.
  • Go ahead and apply for a loan within your limit.

Fastcoin Loan Interest Rate and Repayment

Fastcoin loan app is known for very high interest rates. The rate differs depending on the amount you want to loan and the interest can go as high as 50%. Failure to pay the loan within the specified period will subject you to penalties, such as an increase in the amount to be repaid.

Get Fast Coin Loan Today

In conclusion, it is predominantly your choice to decide whether or not to proceed with FastCoin.

Note, the information provided here is to help guide your financial decision-making process. Alternatively, you can opt for other platforms that are verifiable or loan through your local bank.

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FAQs About Fastcoin Loan App

Will Fast Coin Loan App Harass Me?

From my research, Yes! Failure to pay up the loan within the allotted time may earn you some harassment from FastCoin. Users have complained of incessant calls and defamatory messages being sent out to their contacts. 

Is Fast Coin a Fake Loan App?

Well, it is difficult to answer whether or not Fastcoin is a fake loan app. However, with the very many concerns surrounding it, such as being removed from the Google Play Store, not being verified by CBN, negative reviews, etc. You should do proper research before proceeding to loan money from it.

Is Fast Coin Approved by the CBN?

No, it is not. Fastcoin is not one of the platforms approved by the CBN as a legitimate lender.

Is There a Legit Loan App Other Than Fast Coin?

Yes, there are other legitimate loan apps accessible to you, depending on your preference. Some of them include; Fair Money FCMB, Okash, Kuda, RenMoney, etc. Remember, your safety and transparency are of paramount importance, so ensure to do your research on any loan app you decide on and review their rates as they change from time to time.

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