5 Best Data Reselling Apps and Websites In Nigeria

5 Best Data Reselling Apps and Websites In Nigeria (Tested in 2024)

Data is considered to be life as it aids our survival to a very large extent. The downside is the high cost of data bundles especially in Nigeria. This problem has been quelled to a large extent with Data Reselling Apps that buy data in bulk and at wholesale price and resell to you at a lower price than you would get from your network provider.

It doesn’t end there as you can make money as a Data Reselling Agent by reselling data bought at a wholesale price by Data Reselling companies to people. To become a Data Reselling agent, simply register as an agent with a Data Reselling company, fund your wallet, and sell data at a profit to customers.

My go-to Data Reselling App is the Swiftbills.ng app as they offer a 3-4% discount on all data purchases. Swiftbills also offers other services which include airtime to cash, money transfer, virtual bank accounts, and electricity and CableTV bills payment. With its 24/7 support, you are guaranteed help always.

What is Data Reselling?

You might have seen some people advertising 1GB MTN data for N300 and might wonder why the data is that cheap compared to buying it directly from your network provider. Data Reselling companies buy these data at wholesale prices and then resell them to you at a lower price than you would get from your network provider with the data resellers acting as agents.

This is a business that can make you (as a Data Reselling agent) profit as the 1GB data being sold to you at N300 is bought between N220-N250 (which is the wholesale price bought from Data Reselling companies).

Data Reselling Companies

These companies buy data in bulk (at wholesale price) and resell at a much cheaper rate than your telecommunication company would sell to you. With Data Reselling agents, you get to buy these data for a lower price than your network provider would sell to you.

If you like to start a Data Reselling business, Data Reselling Companies like Swiftbills help you purchase these data in bulk and resell them to you at the same wholesale price. You can in turn add your profit before reselling to your prospective customers.

The Best Data Reselling Apps In Nigeria

1. Swiftbills — #1 Data Reselling App in Nigeria 

Swiftbills is top on this list because of its high discount rates on data purchases. It offers a website and an intuitive app that requires you to create an account with not a lot of personal details required. After creating an account, you can go ahead to fund your Swiftbills wallet and purchase data at a 3-4% discount which would increase as you purchase more data.

Asides from data reselling, Swiftbills offers other services which include 

  • Airtime purchase. 
  • Transfer, and deposit money to your Swiftbills wallet. 
  • Payment of electricity and cable TV bills. 
  • Airtime to cash services.
Swiftbills landing page

With Swiftbills’s responsive 24/7 customer support service, you are guaranteed help in the incidence of any challenges whilst transacting using the Swiftbills app or website. 

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2. VTU.ng — Instant Top-Up & Wallet Funding

VTU.ng guarantees you swift data top-up on all your data purchases with its website and an easy-to-navigate app that has over 100k downloads and a host of positive reviews on the Google Play Store. Your VTU.ng Wallet also gets funded immediately after you make a transfer into the wallet, ensuring timeless transactions. 

With VTU.ng you can also: 

  • Pay for cable TV.
  • Electricity bills.
  • Purchase airtime (at a 3% discount).

On VTU.ng’s website, you are promised a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t get value for your transactions. If you face any problems using VTN.ng, you can contact them through live chat, email, or via phone.

3. Clubkonnect — Website And Mobile App API For Developers

Clubkonnect’s website and app allow you to purchase data at a very cheap price. For example, you can purchase an MTN data bundle of 1.5GB which is valid for 30 days for N965 on Clubkonnect instead of N1000 when you buy directly from MTN.

If you’re a developer, you can save yourself the work of writing an entirely new set of codes by integrating Clubkonnect’s API into your website or mobile app. 

Clubkonnect offers additional services which include:

  • CableTV subscription.
  • Electricity payment.
  • Purchase of WAEC and JAMB e-pin.
  • Printing of recharge cards.

You can contact Clubkonnect by calling their toll number conspicuously written on their website’s “contact us” page or by sending a complaint ticket with your email address.

4. Quicksub.ng — VTU Reseller Agent

Quicksub.ng offers you an opportunity to become a VTU reseller agent with one of the cheapest VTU services in Nigeria. As a VTU reseller agent with Quicksub.ng, you get more discounts on your data purchases which you can then sell to your customers at any price you desire.

If you happen to purchase more airtime than you need and want to convert the excess airtime to cash, Quicksub.ng offers this service with a 30% charge on all conversions. 

You can also pay your electricity and cable TV bills with money in your Quicksub.ng wallet and expect instant activation.

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5. Pawa Wallet — Payment At The Speed Of Light

Pawa Wallet is a fintech company that offers fast payment speeds for a range of financial transactions. It offers an app that allows you: 

  • Buy data and airtime.
  • Send and receive money from all Nigerian banks.
  • Pay bills.

Unlike other Data reselling platforms, Pawa Wallet does not offer discounts on its data purchase but rather a 5% cashback on all of its transactions which can be withdrawn into a different account. 

Pawawallet cashback

To be a Data Reselling agent with Pawa Wallet simply:

  • Download the Pawa Wallet app on Play Store or Apple Store.
  • Create an account with your email and phone number.
  • Verify your account and fund your wallet to resell data. 

How To Resell Data With An App In Nigeria

Step 1: Download The App

  • Download the app of your preferred data reselling platform on Google Playstore.
Swiftbills app on Google Playstore

Step 2: Create An Account

  • Provide your details and create an account with the app if you do not have one already.
  • Some features may require account verification. Verify your account by providing the required information.

Step 3: Fund Your Wallet

  • After creating and verifying your account, you will be given a wallet (account details contained) with the Data Reselling platform
  • Fund the wallet by transferring money from your bank into the wallet’s account.

Step 4: Buy Data Bundle

  • Navigate to the ‘Buy Data Bundle’ section.
  • Select the mobile network you want to purchase data from.
  • Select the data bundle of your choice and the amount will be displayed.
  • Fill in the mobile number and click on ‘Buy Now’.
Swiftbills buy data page

FAQs: Best Data Reselling Apps in Nigeria

What is the best data reselling app in Nigeria?

Swiftbills is the best data reselling app in Nigeria as it offers a 3-4% discount on every data purchase. It will interest you to know that the more you purchase data on this app, the more the discount rates increase. Swiftbills also allows you to perform other financial transactions like paying your cableTV and electricity bills.

What are the best data reselling websites in Nigeria?

The best data reselling websites in Nigeria are Swiftbills.ng, VTU.ng, clubkonnect.com, Quicksub.ng and pawawallet.co. These websites are considered the best because they resell data at wholesale prices, offer other financial services, and provide 24/7 support in situations of problems.

How to be a data reseller agent? 

If you want to be a data reseller agent, simply register as an agent with any data reselling platform of your choice (either on their website or using their app), fund your wallet, and sell data to your customers.

Make Money As A Data Reselling Agent

Data Reselling provides a solution to the high cost of data and even a lucrative way of making money if you decide to become a Data Reselling Agent for any of the best Data Reselling apps. You can purchase an MTN data bundle of 1GB for between N220-N250 from the app and then resell it to a customer for N300 thereby making a profit of N50.

To become a Data Reselling Agent, simply download the app of the Data Reselling company of your choice or visit their website, provide the necessary information and register an account, fund your wallet, and resell data with ease. I recommend Swiftbills as they offer unbeatable data reselling prices.

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