How to check GLO account balance

How to check GLO account balance

Globacom is a popular telecommunication network in Nigeria subscribed to by millions of people in the country. As a result of this, many subscribers on a daily basis search the internet in a bid to find answers to their questions on how to check GLO account balance on their phones. Well, if you have been one of such persons you need not worry anymore as this article is specifically written to address all that you need to know about checking your account balance on the GLO platform. 

Not knowing how much balance you have left to make calls or perhaps do other things can be frustrating at times but thankfully in this article, we have gathered all the necessary information to help you overcome such an easy yet annoying situation if you don’t know these codes. This article will show you how to use the USSD code as well as the GLO App while also answering some frequently asked questions.

So without any ado let’s dive straight into explaining all that you need to know.

  1. How to Check Your GLO Account Balance Using USSD

You can easily check your GLO account using a handy and simplified USSD code in Nigeria as much as you can remember the code or better still save the code in the form of contact on your mobile phone. Follow the steps below to check your account balance:

  • On your phone open the phone app.
  • Dial *310*1# on your registered sim card.
  • Wait for an SMS prompt with a summary of your account balance.

The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) recently released a list of harmonized short codes for mobile networks in the country. This means that, regardless of the network you are using, you can recharge, check your account balance and subscribe for data plans using similar codes rather than using unique short codes. You can now use *310# to check your GLO balance and *311# for call credit recharge.

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How to Check GLO Balance via Glo App

With the Glo Cafe app, you can stay in control of your mobile account. It has never been this easy, with it there is a lot you can do, you can purchase data, recharge airtime and check your data balance. The steps below explain how to get started:

  1. With your mobile data open the Google Play store or Apple Store on your phone and search for “Glo Mobile App”
  2. Download and install the app.
  3. Input your Glo phone number. 
  4. Request and enter the OTP sent.
  5. After the first four steps, the app should display your balance on your Glo Mobile App Dashboard.
Glo cafe app -

Using the GLO Cafe App is the most convenient way of checking your account balance and performing other required or needed transactions.

Clearly, the App is not restricted to just account balance checking. You can check your airtime bonus balance, and active data subscription balance and can also process other services like recharge data purchases, chat with customer services, NIN linking, etc.

Other Useful Codes You May Need To Check Glo Account Balance

*310*2#To check Glo bonus account balance
*127*0#To check Glo subscription status and remaining volume
300Call Centre Help Desk
*303#Glo Borrow Services
*312#To Buy Data
*323#To Check Data Balance
*301#Voicemail Deposit
*301#Voice Mail retrieval
*305#Stop Services
*321#Share Services
*996#NIN-SIM Linkage

FAQs To Check Glo Account Balance

How Do I Check My GLO Account Balance?

You can check your GLO account using *310*1#.

What is GLO bonus data balance code?

Simply dial *310# and Enter 2 on your mobile device.

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